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St. Pierre church
St. Pierre church, Baradères, Haiti


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Team at PAP airport.
SJB team at the Port-au-Prince airport (left to right): Dr. Jim Goedert, Rodney Kerby, Pierre Maurelli, Tony Maurelli, Dr. Denise DeConcini, Cynthia Norris, and Tulie Gay. Not pictured: Myriam Louis-Charles and Jim De Quattro.

Trip reflections:

2009 trip                

The focus of this year's visit, January 24-31, was medicine.

The SJB medical team treated more than 450 patients at four medical clinics. Two were held in the town of Baradères and the others in remote villages that mark the southern and northern extremes of the parish. Tete d'Eau is a mountain village in the upper reaches of the Baradères river. Grand Boucan, a fishing village, stretches along the north shore of the Bay of Baradères.

In addition to conducting medical clinics, we met with elementary school teachers in Baradères, helped the high school begin to plan a school-led water-testing program for the parish, and set up the first two computers for the high school's new computer lab.

Eight of the nine U.S. visitors were SJB parishioners. The ninth was Tulie Gay, a nurse practitioner from New York. Invited by her cousin, nurse and SJB parishioner Myriam Louis-Charles, Tulie led one of the team's four medical teams. The other team leaders were Drs. Goedert and Deconcini and Dr. Ulrick Atila, a young Haitian doctor.

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