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St. Pierre church
St. Pierre church, Baradères, Haiti


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Trip reflections:

Team at PAP airport.
SJB team at the Port-au-Prince airport (left to right): Tony Maurelli, Delores Anderson, Cynthia Norris, Dr. Denise DeConcini, Pierre Maurelli, Rodney Kerby, Catherine Norton, and Francesca Kerby.

2008 trip                

The 2008 trip, January 21-28, was multipurpose but the emphasis was on health.

Several medical clinics were held primarily to see and treat children, since Dr. Denise DeConcini, the SJB team's physician, is a pediatrician.

Dr. Denise also referrred several children for treatment to Bonne Fin hospital. Their care was funded by an anonymous donor.

Several water sources were tested for quality. The testing was the first stage of an investigation to see whether and how the area's drinking water could be protected from contamination by disease organisms such as E. coli.

Students at the secondary school were involved in the testing and shown how to use microscopes--donated to SJB--to detect and identify contaminants.

At the end of the trip, the microscopes were left in Baraderes, so the nurses at the town health clinic could use it for lab tests for their patients.

The team also taught English classes to students at the secondary school.