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Community Health Worker Trainees

We are very proud of these 16 students at the Collège St. Jean Baptiste in Baradères. In 2005 they became the first CSJB students trained as future community health workers.

Several wrote to us in 2005 about their experiences. To read what they wrote, click the hyperlinked names below the students' photos.

Since 2005, several of these students graduated from CSJB and continue their education elsewhere in Haiti. The others are still CSJB students--and still health worker trainees. All have made their families and community proud.

Rena Dorival

Sindy Delphonse

Guetia Ospite

Lourdine Delphonse

Wilna Jeannot

Michelène Pierre

Sintil Miliace

Wilson Blaise

Peterson Pierre

Phenald Figarot

Rosenide Saint Cyr

Cleford Milbin

Vileine Chery

Lataide Antoine

Olange Brutus

Jean Wilner Bassette

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