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Surgical referrals
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On Monday evening after the first clinic sessions, the medical staff met to review the potential surgery candidates.

Shown here left to right: clinic nurse Sister Marta, nurse Myriam, and Dr. Steve.

The following day, part of the SJB medical team, Sister Marta, and Sister Bernadette, the clinic director, traveled to Lumière Hospital about 5 miles from Baradères—a 1-hour drive.

They met with hospital administrators and agreed that the SJB doctors would would refer up to 50 patients for surgery. The hospital would examine these patients further, and, if appropriate, perform the surgery at no cost to the patients.

Funding for the surgeries was a foundation grant obtained through the efforts of an SJB parishioner.

Clinic nurse Sister Marta, nurse Myriam, and Dr. Steve

Entrance to Lumière
Entrance to Lumière Hospital.