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St. Pierre church
St. Pierre church, Baradères, Haiti


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January 2001 visit

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Team members for the January 2001 visit were St. John parishioners Jim De Quattro, Cindy Garvin, Karl Krchma, Matt Minahan, Monique Theodore, and Kim Lamberty, Director of Social Concerns.

"Now that I have been to Baradères," said Garvin, "I understand how vitally important it is to continue and increase our support for our sister parish. Each team we send to Haiti has a mission or a particular emphasis. That mission is important, but almost more important is the simple fact that we keep showing up year after year."

"Other relief services send supplies which are much needed and appreciated, then they are gone. Even our supplies don’t always get there, and if they do, they don’t last very long. But our continued physical presence truly shows how committed we are to the project. I believe our consistency is a source of strength, hope and joy for the people of Baradères."

Town and economy (9)
Primary schools (14)
Secondary school construction (6)
Secondary school (6)
Fond des Palmistes (19)
Grand Anse (11)
St. Pierre's church (5)
People of Baradères (21)

Team members (l-r) Monique Theodore, Kim Lamberty, Karl Krchma, Cindy Garvin, Matt Minahan. Not pictured, Jim De Quattro.