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St. Pierre church, Baradères, Haiti


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About the project

Children are the hope and the future of Baradères--and all of Haiti.The sister parish project of St. John the Baptist Catholic Community provides financial and technical help and materials supporting health, educational and relief services to the people of St. Pierre parish in Baradères, Haiti.

The sister parish project is a ministry of St. John the Baptist Catholic Community in Silver Spring, Md. (view project adminstration details). Primary projects include—

Needs in St. Pierre parish far exceed what St. John's can support. But the close relationship forged between the two communities is a solid foundation for

  • Expanding effective assistance and self-help and
  • Deeper understanding of and participation in the faith that unites us.

Food assistance for children is a high priority of the project, which provides—

  • Daily lunch for the 230 students of the secondary and high school.
  • Supplemental lunch program for the 500 children at Pope Jean Paul II, the largest elementary school in St. Pierre parish. (This program is funded through a private foundation.)

Our newest educational goal has been reached—expansion of the Collège St. Jean Baptiste from secondary school status (grades 7-9) to include high school (grades 10-12). In June 2005, all ninth graders passed the national exams for the third year in a row, and three placed in the top 10 percent nationally! In June 2006, the school will celebrate its first high-school graduating class.

Parish school and cistern being completed in Gand AnseAlong with financial contributions, St. John's parishioners donate thousands of dollars worth of food, medications, books, typewriters, computers, musical instruments, sewing and craft supplies, and graduation gowns.

Support from outside foundations is a vital component of the project. In recent years, foundation support has enabled the project to—

  • Construct a secondary and high school
  • Build a primary school and adjacent water cistern in the remote seaside village of Grand Anse.
  • Rebuild three schools damaged by Hurricane Georges in 1998.
  • Provide blackboards and benches for all 45 classrooms in the parish—most in remote villages.
  • Provided needed hospital surgeries for 44 people.