Church of St. Pierre in Baradères, Haiti

St. Pierre parish, Baradères, Haiti — sister parish of St. John the Baptist Catholic Community, Silver Spring, Md. 

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She's the future of Baradères.
You can be a part of it.

Girl of Baradères

Fr. GattereauSt. John's parishioners and all who are interested in Haiti are invited to a special reception to welcome Father Yves Gattereau, pastor of our sister parish, St. Pierre, in Baradères, Haiti.

Fr. Gattereau is here for his annual visit to update us on the status of the sister parish project. He will meet with clergy, staff and lay leaders to discuss and plan near- and long-term activities.

Through this project, the people of our two parishes respond to the call of the gospel. Together we spread peace and justice through solidarity with each other.

Baradères is a remote rural town in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The people of Baradères show great strength, dignity and intelligence in their struggle. The people of SJB are privileged to have a special and evolving relationship with them.

Please come to the gym at 1:00 p.m. October 12 to celebrate this relationship and learn more about your sister parish. And bring your questions!

Did you know that the Collège St. Jean Baptiste (CSJB)--the parish secondary school founded less than 10 years ago--has been ranked the THIRD best in all of Haiti in the national exam scores of its graduates? Father Gattereau will bring us up to date on other progress and activities at CSJB as well as the elementary schools in the town and in many small villages in the parish.

He will also describe effects of recent storms. From mid-August to mid-September, Haiti was struck by two tropical storms and two hurricanes. The eye of Hurricane Gustav passed almost directly over Baradères.

At the reception you will hear ideas for the next SJB trip to Baradères. We'll also talk about future plans to collaborate with Fr. Gattereau, the Sisters of St. Thèrese who staff the town elementary school and town health clinic, and Baradères students and others in the community.

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