Church of St. Pierre in Baradères, Haiti

St. Pierre parish, Baradères, Haiti — sister parish of St. John the Baptist Catholic Community, Silver Spring, Md. 

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Project news

January 2012

Highlights of the January 2012 visit include the beginning of a project for installing potable water systems in homes. More...

March 2009

The SJB team that visited Baradères in January conducted four medical clinics and treated more than 450 patients. More...

The sister parish project will sponsor one of SJB's Lenten soup suppers - March 27 in the Lyon Center.

October 2008

St. Pierre's pastor, Fr. Yves Gattereau, arrives in Silver Spring on Oct. 9 for his annual visit to SJB. He will speak at all the Masses on Oct. 11-12. On Oct. 12 at 1:00 p.m. in the gym, parishioners are invited to attend a reception. More...

October 2007

On Oct. 14, come to the hall at 1:00 p.m. to meet St. Pierre's pastor, Fr. Yves Gattereau. He will discuss the challenges and successes in Baradères and answer your questions about the sister parish project. Fr. Gattereau will be at SJB from October 11 to 19 for his first visit since becoming St. Pierre pastor in Decmber 2006. He will be speaking at all Masses during the weekend of Oct. 13-14.

February 2007

Throughout March, SJB conducts the annual fundraising drive for the Collège St. Jean Baptist in Baradères. The kickoff event is March 4 at 1:00 p.m. Another opportunity to find out what's new at SCJB and the other activities of the sister parish project will be on Tuesday, March 20, a 7:00 p.m. Details.

January 2007

A medical team from SJB visited Baradères from Jan. 15 to Jan. 22. Details and photos.

December 2006

New Pastor for St. Pierre: At the end of December, Father Pierre-Michel Brunache, pastor of our St. Pierre sister parish, was transferred to an urban parish in the city of Miragoane. We welcome the new St. Pierre pastor, Fr. Yves Gattereau. Previously associate pastor at St. Pierre, Fr. Gattereau is very familiar with that parish and with SJB, having met with many SJB visitors in previous years. He also has been on the faculty of the secondary and high school that SJB supports, the Collège St. Jean Baptiste.

While we are sorry to see Fr. Brunache leave, we are happy for his new parishioners. They are blessed to have such a hard-working, kind and devoted pastor.

Fr. Brunache worked tirelessly for the people of Baradères. He continually showed the importance of trying to integrate parish activities into the life of the entire community. He brought to fruition the dream of previous pastors for a Catholic parochial high school in Baradères. Under his leadership, the strong academic program at the school grew stronger. CSJB is recognized by regional public and private school officials as one of the very finest schools in the region.

In October 2006, during his last visit to St. John the Baptist Catholic Community, Fr. Brunache delivered a homily that can be read here.

July 2006

CSJB Graduation
On June 11 in Baradères, the first graduation of twelfth-graders from the Collège de St. Jean Baptiste was held. (More)

April 3 2006
The SJB team returned safely last night.

March 2006

Upcoming events:

  • The 2006 Haiti travel team will be commissioned by the parish on Sunday, March 19 at the 10:30 a.m. Mass in the hall.
  • Pack boxes with goods donated for the sea shipment to Baradères on Sunday, March 19, 2 p.m. Please come and help for an hour if you can.
  • Haiti Evening Prayer Service is Tuesday, March 21, 7 p.m., in the church.
  • Haiti team departs for Haiti on Saturday, March 25, returning April 2. Please keep them in your prayers.
  • Volunteers are requested to help load the truck that will take the sea shipment to Nashville: Saturday, March 25 , 4:30 p.m.

Secondary school sponsors: The Collège St. Jean Baptiste (CSJB) in Baradères is on firmer financial ground. Our February fundraising drive saw 68 SJB parishioners and others become new sponsors of the school. Together, new and existing donors have contributed more than $30,000 during the fiscal year that began in July.

SJB mission team for 2006: Members of the team traveling to Haiti this year are SJB parishioners Barbara Barron, Shirley Haley and Karl Krchma, SJB schoolteacher Amy Ruggles and SJB social concerns director Cynthia Norris. The trip is scheduled for March 25 to April 2. The main items on the agenda:

  • Education: meet with secondary school parents to discuss their involvement with the school and students; meet with catechists to discuss curriculums; and meet with school teachers to discuss vocational training, relationship with SJB school, and library.
  • Health: Blood-pressure-monitor training for CSJB community health workers (CHW); nutrition training and planning with parents and CHWs; and follow-up with Sr. Marta and patients regarding the 2005 surgical referral program with Bonne Fin Hôpital Lumière.
  • Help with repairs to St. Pierre church building.
  • Meet with CSJB graduating class of 2006 to discuss future plans with them.
  • Plan for the 2007 visit.

May 2005 update:

  • The medical team from SJB trained 16 students as future community health workers. (More)
  • More than 40 of the 50 surgeries arranged during the March trip to Baradères have been successfully performed, according to a report from Father Brunache. We expect a more complete update soon from Sister Marta, a nurse at the Baradères clinic.
  • Communications to us from people working to alleviate filariasis in Haiti continue to support our hope for broad-scale treatment of this disease in Baradères. Meanwhile, an article in the May 6 Chronicle of Higher Education sums up efforts to tackle filariasis in Haiti. The Chronicle article quotes Father Thomas G. Streit, a priest and biologist who founded a program working to eradicate the disease there. "I challenge people to come up with another disease so tied to poverty," he says. "You look at the world where it exists, and there is always horrible poverty."

March 2005:

  • SJB medical mission returns, will report at Lenten Supper Talk at 6:15 p.m. on March 11. A hospital referral program now will fund simple surgeries for about 50 people from Baradères. High-school students were trained as community health workers and, under the team's supervision, spent a day identifying common health problems for hundreds of children at St. Pierre parish's largest elementary school. The medical team examined and treated about 230 children and adults at the Baradères clinic. The team looks for guidance as the dramatic scale of a disease known as filariasis becomes apparent.

January 2005:

  • The Kiplinger Foundation has awarded a $5,000 grant to the sister parish project. We thank the foundation for its generosity and will put the money to good use on high-priority needs in Baradères.
  • The January 2005 trip to Baradères has been rescheduled for February 26 - March 6. The trip will be primarily a medical mission. Team members for the trip are Judith Barbier, Jim De Quattro, Jim Goedert, Rodney Kerby, Myriam Louis-Charles, Cynthia Norris and Steve Osborne.

October 2004:

  • Father Pierre Michel Brunache, pastor of St. Pierre's, visited St. John's on September 21-28. He brought great news about the academic achievements of the students of St. Pierre's Collége St. Jean Baptiste in Baradéres. More...
  • A new report about support of the sister parish project says that St. John the Baptist Catholic Community now supports the education of more than 1,850 elementary school children in 13 St. Pierre parish schools and 203 secondary and high school students at the Collége St. Jean Baptiste. More...
  • Cynthia Norris began work as the new director of social concerns at St. John's on September 1. Her responsibilities include co-chair of the sister parish committee. More...
  • Cynthia replaces Kim Lamberty, who after 8 years with St. John's resigned in June so that she could work as a volunteer with Christian Peacemaker Teams. CPT sends trained teams into areas of conflict to do peacemaking work. Kim's assignment was in Hebron from August to November. More...

January 2004:
The 2004 visit to Baradères was planned as primarily a medical mission. It had been scheduled for January 2004 but was postponed and eventually rescheduled for 2005 due to safety concerns. The security situation is questionable in some parts of the country the team would have travelled through on the way to Baradères.

The milk program grant was renewed in December 2003, Kim Lamberty reported. This means we can restart the milk program at Pope Jean Paul II Elementary School!

October 2003:
Father Pierre Brunache becomes the new pastor of St. Pierre, as Father Pascal leaves to work toward an education degree at a university in Paris.

September 21, 2003
Father Pascal's visit: Father Pascal arrives this week to visit us.
Tentative schedule:
Sept. 24: Visits Visitation High School in Washington, D.C.; meets with SJB Religion Education Program.
Sept. 25: Meets with sister parish committee.
Sept. 27-28: Delivers homilies at Masses.
Sept. 29: Parish reception 7:30 p.m.

February 9, 2003
2003 Haiti Team Returns: The team that visited our sister parish in January returned safe and sound January 18. Among the highlights: they delivered 500 pounds of medicines to the Baradères clinic and 20,000 multivitamin tablets to the parish's largest elementary school. They also taught English classes to the secondary school students and, with the students, painted the school's exterior. (Details)

January 2003
Letter from Emilienne in Baradères: Click here to read the letter recently received from Emilienne, the mother of Jean-Pierre, the 8-year-old whose surgery for cleft palate and facial deformity was arranged through our sister parish project.

November 2002
Parish delegation for January 2003: Kim Lamberty, Marie Charles, Marie Alcidor, Margaret Macleod, Evelyn Brewer and Jim De Quattro will visit our sister parish January 11-18. They will teach English to the secondary school students, review needs for teacher training and check on progress of other current projects in Baradères.

September 2002
Sept. 14/15 collections for Baradères schools: 36 boxes of school supplies (comp. to 25 last year) and 16 boxes of books and medical supplies are on their way to Haiti and should arrive in January.
Visitors from Baradères: Father Pascal along with 8-year-old Jean Bruno and Jean's mother arrived here September 18. Following is Fr. Pascal's schedule (subject to change):
Sept. 24: 7 p.m.--to meet with youth ministry catechists; 7:30 p.m.--meet with sister parish committee.
Sept. 25: 7:30 p.m. to meet with elementary religious ed. catechists.
Sept. 27: to visit students at SJB school.
Sept.28/29: to preach at all Masses.
Sept. 30: parish reception for Fr. Pascal in the parish center conference room.

August 2002
A Baradères artist: Camy Rocher (1959-1991), a noted artist, was born in Baradères. Details.
School supplies: Please bring your school supply donations to Mass on the weekend of Sept. 14-15. Especially needed are composition books, pens and pencils, pencil sharperners and backpacks.
Upcoming visit by Fr. Pascal: Fr. Pascal is expected to arrive Sept. 18. He will be accompanied by an 8-year-old boy, Jean Bruno, and Jean's mother. They are from Fond Palmiste. Jean has a cleft palate and lip. We have arranged for surgery--planned for Set. 24--to repair this deformity so Jean can have a more normal life.
January 2003 trip to Baradères: If you wish to be part of this trip, please contact Kim Lamberty, phone 301-622-4942. We expect the team to be involved in a community service project with the children of the secondary school. Planning meetings begin in September.

February 2002
Hope for jailed Haitians: A story about Haitians deported from the U.S. and jailed in Haiti. Posted by permission of The Alicia Patterson Foundation.

Haiti visit: The trip was very successful! For example, more than 500 children were given vaccinations against pneumococcus and hemophilus B. These infections are the number 2 and 3 causes of death of young children in Haiti. On February 22 in the Lyon Center, about 100 people heard the Haiti team's report. Trip details

January 2002
Next Haiti visit: The team, scheduled to depart January 12 and return January 20, consists of Rodney Kerby, Myriam Louis-Charles, Dr. Steve Osborne and Kim Lamberty. The group will be blessed by the pastor during the 10:30 Mass in the church on January 6.
High school question: We formed a committee to examine this proposal in detail. Members are Jim Goedert, Jim De Quattro, George Urban, Joe Tassalo, Peg Duchesne, Marie Charles, Matt Minahan and Kim Lamberty.

December 2001
Medical supplies: We are collecting medical supplies that our team will take to Baradères in January. Especially needed are:

  • Children's chewable multivitamins
  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen for children or adults
  • Adult vitamins
  • Benadryl capsules or liquid for children or adults
  • Kwell lotion, Rid or Nix for lice and scabies
  • Monistat-1 (single-dose product only)
  • Anti-diarrhea treatments
  • Zantac and Tagamet

In addition, since the medical team will be vaccinating children against some serious and common childhood diseases, we would like to give each of them a small gift to help make them feel better after they get their two shots. So we are collecting new very small stuffed animals, fancy pens, and bags of individually wrapped candy bars.

You can leave donations at the Social Concerns Office in the Parish Center. Thank you for your unfailing generosity!

October 2001
High school in Baradères? During Father Pascal's visit, he asked us if we could help establish a high school, so that students would have an opportunity to continue their education past 9th grade. Currently, the sister parish committee is exploring whether this is financially feasible and desirable given the many other pressing needs of the people in Baradères.

September 2001
School supplies: At Masses on the weekend of September 22-23, St. John's parishioners brought 25 boxes of school supplies for Baradères. This was 2-1/2 times the amount given last year!
Visit by Fr. Pascal: Father Pascal visited us at St. John the Baptist from September 25 to October 3. He spent time with parish school students, celebrated mass, and met with the sister parish committee.

July 2001
Next parish visit to Baradères: The sister parish committee is planning its next visit, in January 2002. The trip will primarily be a medical mission.

March 2001
Supplemental feeding program: In March 2001, the sister-parish project obtained foundation support for a supplemental feeding program. The program, funded at $15,000, is providing fish, vegetables and an alternative grain for students of the primary school in Baradères.

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