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November 2020


Give citrus for Christmas, and help Baradères

First, an important fact: you must act before December 4.

In past years, we’ve invited the parish and local community to our annual Taste of Haiti banquet, whose proceeds have formed an important part of our support to our sister parish.

This year, we had to cancel Taste of Haiti because of the coronavirus. But we hope you will still support our sister parish program by purchasing beautiful, tasty, nutritious citrus fruit from Florida.

All proceeds from the online fruit market will directly benefit our sister parish.

Click here for the SJB Sister Parish Citrus Sale

The oranges, grapefruit and other citrus come from Florida Indian River Groves in Vero Beach. The company's website does a good job of allowing you to customize an order for one, two, or many recipients, but you only pay once.

Florida Indian River Groves will ship the fruit directly to recipients in time for Christmas. The website also lets you write a short note to each recipient.

Like the entire world, Haiti is suffering from the pandemic but the disease is not widespread in Baradères. However, the monetary exchange rate for Haiti has recently changed, and the dollar only goes half as far as it did last year, so the students are especially in need of our help. Thank you for your support! Happy holidays!

Click here for the SJB Sister Parish Citrus Sale