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St. Pierre church
St. Pierre church, Baradères, Haiti


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Project administration

Cynthia Norris coordinates the sister parish project. She is Director of Social Concerns at St. John's (phone 301-622-4942,

Begun in 1994, the sister parish project with St. Pierre church in Baradères is a ministry of St. John the Baptist Catholic Community in Silver Spring, Md. St. John's is a Roman Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Washington, with a membership base of about 2,100 families.

A sister parish committee composed of parishioners selects project activities based on priorities and needs expressed by the pastor of St. Pierre and other local leadership.

A small parish team visits Baradères annually to check on funded projects and listen to funding priorities. The team reports to St. John's parish at an annual gathering and in the parish bulletin.

Through the sister parish project, St. John's

  • Sends money to Baradères. Donations come from a special annual collection and individual school sponsorship pledges.
  • Ships supplies and equipment to Baradères, mainly school and medical supplies.
  • Funds the St. Pierre pastor’s annual travel to Silver Spring. He reports on use of funds and materials and progress toward funded goals. He also reports via e-mail and telephone.